About Us


People are always asking me how did you get into this? What made you start Embrace Your Body? I would love to tell you it started from this elaborate plan that was a product of deep thought but unfortunately it was not. I was fortunate enough to benefit from circumstance and the ability to improvise on the fly.  It started about 7 years ago (at the peak of the recession) I was a sales merchant in a well known district in Philadelphia, with my primary offering being clothes and footwear.


It was a free lance market with no real regulations on what products were being sold.   So one day, a close friend of mine came to the market with some sort of exfoliant (from one of my leading competitors) and asked me to try it out.   Much to my surprise, I was very impressed with it!  It was a good product, but he had the delima of having a great product, with no one to present it to potential clients.


Although I'd never sold skin care products before, I pride myself in my ability to aquire new skills, while learning the ins and outs of the skin care industry.  So I figured it would be doable?!?  Doable was an understatement!!  We were doing great, and what I found (in that short period of time) was/is that people  will invest time, and available resoources  to maintain their beauty.  


After experiencing some growing pains, I began to enhance the product while also finding a fair price point for the consumer.   I went to a local flea market to see how the public would responded to my new product offfering, literally have not looked back!  Since then, I have been  constantly adding and  perfecting the Embrace Your Body product line, trying to create a total body experience, a movement if you will .... A movement of Embracing Your Body, loving you.  Show your body love, you only get one body, so embrace it!